Hello and thank you for visiting my “on the issues” page. The general basis of my ideology surrounds reducing the federal government’s power to the bare minimum while increasing the power municipalities hold over themselves. Here’s a more in-depth look at where I stand on specific issues (and if you have any questions, please reach out here):

What is Jesse’s foreign policy?

Jesse believes that the United States of America should not be the police force for the world. We should be focusing our attention to our own issues inside of our divided communities rather than perpetuating corporate sponsored war on the other side of the world. A strong military defense is imperative, but we can drastically reduce our military budget. Drastically reducing the military budget is also a step forward towards doing our part for our environment. Bring our troops home!

What is Jesse’s position on firearms and gun control?

Jesse is a firm believer in the second amendment. In fact, Jesse believes that the second amendment is under attack right now and needs to be fortified to ensure the American public may protect themselves and their properties. Being from South Jersey, the most common complaint from the citizenry is the strict gun laws.

What is Jesse’s position on government reform?

America is massive, and with a population close to 330 million, a federal government with too much power creates unrest in our communities across the entire nation. The differences in our communities is so apparent and so immediate that we can watch the neighborhood change as we drive down many streets in America. The diversity of America is what makes this nation so amazing and we need to give the power back to local municipalities while severely limiting federal government oversight.

What is Jesse’s position on defunding the police?

Jesse believes that Americans need to reestablish a sense of personal responsibility and protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. Being a staunch supporter of decentralization, Jesse does not advocate for the federal abolition of local police, but Jesse does stand firm in removing all funding going towards federal branches of law enforcement. These federal law enforcement agencies have been turned into big brother-style spying machines filled with bad policing and nepotism. Americans’ freedoms have been getting chipped away for too long and it’s time we take our lives back and establish a sense of freedom for all Americans.

What is Jesse’s position on victimless crimes?

Jesse believes that victimless crimes are not crimes and should be removed from legislation. A few examples of victimless crimes are as follows: using drugs, consensual transactions between adults, prostitution, not wearing a seatbelt.

What is Jesse’s position on immigration?

Jesse believes that corporate media lights the fire under the fearful American public and Jesse believes that immigration is not the root of America’s issues. Restricting immigration is restricting freedom and, as a libertarian, restricting freedom is against my moral code. We should take personal responsibility, as Americans, to defend ourselves, our property, our neighbors, and our communities with our lives, but also to simply be prepared, as opposed to being fearful; we ought to be welcoming, as opposed to isolating.

What is Jesse’s position on education?

Jesse’s decentralization passion extends to how we educate the next generation. Communities and municipalities should decide whether they want to tax themselves in order to fund education or have their people take ownership of this responsibility and find another way to make sure their child is ready for the world after childhood. Jesse believes that standardized testing is a terrible way to measure intelligence and federal government oversight of municipalities’ education needs to be limited.

What is Jesse’s position on abortion?

Jesse believes that abortion should be a decision made between a doctor and a pregnant woman. The federal government has no right to restrict access to safe health care, but coinciding with my decentralization beliefs: if municipalities wish to ban abortion, I believe they should have the power to make this decision as a community.

What is Jesse’s position on the environment?

Jesse believes that our over-consumption in America and blatant gullibility is the real cause of our drastic effects on the environment as humans. It’s time Americans really established a sense of personal responsibility and stopped shopping at corporations who are destroying the environment, get on board with reducing the military budget to only what is necessary, and stop consuming more than what we need. We are in this existence together and our personal decisions, as individuals, create the society in which we choose to live.

What is Jesse’s position regarding welfare?

Corporate welfare is never justified. No corporate subsidies ever. Public welfare should be limited to the disabled members of our community and all veterans. If we can afford to send them to war, then we can afford to take care of them afterwards; if we cannot afford to take care of them afterwards, then we cannot afford to send them to war.